We travelled to Yea for the start of the getaway .Very good caravan park .The rail trail was in really good condition,with a surface of gravel and bluemetal .The first trip was to the Cheviot Tunnel and Molesworth for coffee.The next day we rode to Artwool and back.The hotel/guest house at Artwool was being renovated,so we made use of the table and chairs while we refreshed ourselves before riding back.On Wednesday we travelled to Bonnie Doon where we had our pick of the camping spots.There was plenty of room at this park ,we had it almost all to ourselves,where we enjoyed a swim after the rides.Some of the members went up to Mansfield instead of Bonnie Doon,where we met them half way on one of the rides then rode on with them for lunch at Mansfield.The countryside was very dry with Lake Eildon almost dry,making it impossible for all the usual water sports.That is why there was plenty of spare camps,with lots of people staying away.Sunscreen was applied liberally making our skin sticky with lots and lots of black dust from the trail sticking to us.A shower straight after the rides was a necessity.The highlight of the trip was the Cheviot tunnel and the bridge over the Glenelg river.The weather was great ,warm and sunny with a thunderstorm on Thursday night.On Friday we split up with some riders going on further to King Valley where we found a free campsite right next to a babbling brook(King River).What a perfect spot.Fifteen members and their spouses enjoyed a very enjoyable week.